Welcome, Micro Mission Statement

First post,

My plan for this blog is to offer salient and interesting commentary on public policy within the following areas:  sustainable development, environmental economics, green growth, macroeconomic,energy policy, environmental policy, energy efficiency, renewable energy and trade policy.

I am particularly interested at the intersection of macroeconomic policy and environmental/energy policy (impact of trade agreements and monetary policy on the environment).

Essentially I would like to offer advise on saving the world from ourselves.  Most of the “problems” in the above areas are a direct result of people acting in their own best interest, but the result is a collectively unsustainable economy overly focused on excessive growth at all costs (environmental, social, other).  I am by no means negative or pessimistic on these issues, but we do have challenges in these areas that need to be addressed as soon as possible.  As a society we have been amazingly successful in the technological sphere (this blog is a testament), but we now need to apply the same amount of effort in the public policy realm.  I am pro-business and pro-prosperity, but we need to find a way to live in harmony with our world. I firmly believe good economics and good policy are means to that end.  As they say, “Follow the Money!!”.

If you are reading, welcome aboard.

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